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Lavar Lã – Wool Washing: Bordaleira

August 10, 2016

Foi com 40ºC, moscas, moscardos e três velos bem sujos que começámos a lavagem este ano. Foi a primeira vez que lavei esta Bordaleira aqui de Coimbra – uma lã fofa e bonita, depois de um bom banho! As cores são lindas, com o tradicional branco, castanho e um velo ‘cor de café-com-leite’. Para quem a quiser experimentar, já há amostras na loja.

We started this year’s wool washing season with 40ºC, flies and bugs everywhere and three very dirty fleeces. This was the first time I tackled some Bordaleira (Portuguese breed) fleeces from a local flock. The wool has a nice soft touch, after a good soak and wash! The colours are beautiful: traditional white, brown and a ‘coffee coloured’ fleece. I have placed a sample pack in the online shop for any spinners interested in trying these out.



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