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Peter Teal, the Perfectionist

July 7, 2016


I usually really dislike ‘perfectionist’ spinning books. (Having some irregularities in your yarn is not the end of the world…it’s all a matter of raw materials and of the yarn use…) But this one, by Peter Teal, is a special case. Maybe I have finally  found my ‘kind’ of perfectionism.

Normalmente não gosto nada de livros sobre fiação ‘perfecionistas’. (Um fio com algumas irregularidades não é o fim do mundo… tudo depende dos materiais, do uso que se quer dar ao fio…) Mas este do Peter Teal é a excepção. Se calha este é o meu ‘perfecionismo’.

Every would-be spinner should suspend from her distaff a length of machine-spun thread, the  perfection of which should be the goal at which to aim.

So often the cry is, ‘But it is the very perfection, the very uniformity of machine-spun thread from which we strive to get away’; but is it? Is it not more truthful to say that the yarns produced, instantly recognized as ‘home spun’, are that way because the spinners cannot do any better?

‘But we want yarns of character’, they cry! Of course we do, all of us, but let it be a good character we give them. Let us first produce a plain yarn perfectly, and then doctor it in some way to produce the ‘character’, if you must. But you know, I am almost willing to have a bet with you that, by the time you can produce a really perfect plain spun yarn, you will be so proud of it for the beautiful thing it is, you will be extremely loth to adulterate it in any way!

in Hand Woolcombing and Spinning – A Guide to Worsted from the Spinning-Wheel

by Peter Teal, 1976


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