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Spud: Ahead of the Flock

December 15, 2014


Spud, the sheep, was a 20th century British philosopher. Initially attracted to utilitarianism and classic liberalism, Spud’s education was eventually marked by his reading of both Marx and Nietzsche. His main philosophical interests lie at the intersection of French Existentialism and Formal Epistemology. Best known for his pioneering work onthe formalization of angst and the axiomatization of despair, Spud has also made important contributions to the study of irony and snark in Plato, the metaphysics of empty space and various debates in animal ethics. Ultimately disillusioned with the increased professionalization of the discipline, Spud decided to leave the academy to pursue his work as an independent scholar. He now resides in his Ann Arbor apartment, with close friends. He is currently working on a book manuscript on decision theory and nihilism in 18th century German Philosophy.


You can see more about how Spud was made here.
Thanks to JH for creative puns and assorted suggestions.






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