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Suffolk ‘n’ Spring

May 10, 2014
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 Encontrei-a à venda no mercado, ao pé de umas lãs de alpaca. A senhora da banca diz que fica com a lã de amigos e conhecidos, lava, escolhe, arranja e depois vende. Quando cheguei, ao fim da manhã, já tinha pouca coisa. Mas ainda fiquei com esta amostra de Suffolk (criadas só para carne aqui no Michigan). Com tanta lã em casa não me posso alargar, mas assim sempre dá para experimentar uma nova variedade =)

I found it in the Farmer’s Market, next to some alpaca wool. The lady who owned the stall said she gets unwanted wool from friends and acquaintances, washes it, picks it and gets it all ready to sell. When I arrived, late in the morning, there was not that much left. But there was still this sample of Suffolk (raised exclusively for meat over here). With so much wool of my own at home I shouldn’t really be buying more, but at least this way I get to try something new =)





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  1. May 11, 2014 11:22 pm

    Quando se gosta é tão difícil resistir 🙂

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