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Must-read / A ler : “Sweaters that Talk Back”

June 28, 2013


This has to be one of the most exciting knitting book I’ve gotten my hands on, ever. Before ordering “Sweaters that Talk Back” online, Lisa Anne Auerbach’s  work came to my attention through Ravelry. She has an impressive set of project pictures – you can tell there is some brilliant knitwear design going on. Your eyes are caught by the unexpected and conceptually rich interpretations of the most simple and innocuous skater skirts and crew-neck sweaters. This is not just knitting, it is art.


Este é certamente um dos mais espectaculares livros de tricot de sempre que já me passou pelas mãos. Antes de o mandar vir “Sweaters that Talk Back” online, vi pela primeira as peças da Lisa Anne Auerbach, na Ravelry. As muitas e impressionantes imagens de projectos constituem um “portfolio” de design brillante. A atenção é captada pelas inesperadas e conceptualmente ricas interpretações das mais simples e inofensivas saias e camisolas. Não é só tricot, é arte.


In between the possibilities opened by such designs as “Yes we can!” and “Smash Monogamy” (in conveniently large and readable charts) you start thinking about what you yourself have been dying to put on a sweater.  The photos are fantastic and the text is both witty and profound.

Por entre as possibilidades abertas por designs como “Yes we can!” and “Smash Monogamy” (em esquemas grandes e fáceis de ler) começamos a pensar naquilo que estamos mortinhas por tricotar numa camisola. As fotos são fantásticas e o texto é espirituoso e profundo.

Get publicly disgruntled. Make mischief. Store your nostalgia in mothballs and bring it our every time you feel the chill, reminding yourself and everyone else what drove you to take the needles into your own hands.

It’s said that hemlines go up and down with the economy; but the shape of this skirt is recession-proof, depression-resistant and inflation-immune.

Publicly and forcefully aestheticize hyprocisy, celebrate possibilities, and disseminate dissent. Remember: alienation and despair never go out of fashion.


Challenging –technically and philosophically – Auerbach’s book sparks the imagination (Portugal could really use some Auerbach’s inspired sweaters these days….). A definite must-read.

Um desafio – tanto técnico como filosófico – este livro desperta a imaginação (é que, por estes dias, em Portugal não falta tema nem ocasião para umas boas camisolas…). Definitivamente, a ler.

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