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“Hebridean Wool Samples”, travel notes – “Ao Rebusco pelas Hébridas”, notas de viagem

May 27, 2013





  • Sample 1 – found on a barbed wire fence  in the isle of Barra. Measures about 10 cm.

Amostra 1 – encontrada numa vedação na ilha de Barra. Mede aprox. 10 cm.

  • Sample 2 – found on the spiky bushes in Castlebay, Barra. See sheep photographed

Amostra 2 – encontrada em arbustos espinhosos em Castlebay, Barra. Ver ovelhas fotografadas.


  • Sample 3 – found on a barbed wire fence near Dalabrog, South Uist. Blown by the wind (only longest fibers were left). See sheep photographed. Measures about 12 cm.

Amostra 3 – encontrada numa vedação perto de Dalabrod, South Uist. Muito exposta ao vento (só ficaram as fibras mais compridas). Ver ovelhas fotografadas. Mede aprox. 12 cm.

south uist_sheep

  • Sample 4 – found on the ground, next to a beach north of Dalabrog, South Uist.

Amostra 4 – econtrada no chão, numa praia a norte de Dalabrog, South Uist.

  •   Sample 5 – found on a fence in Loch Eilean, South Uist. Coarser than the others.

Amostra 5 – encontrada numa vedação em Loch Eilean, South Uist. Menos fofa que as outras.


black sheep

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