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My Etsy Finds: WoolGrey

October 30, 2012

I really do love rare breeds. It is no wonder then that I found WoolGrey‘s batts and yarns simply gorgeous.  This Finish wool comes from the rare Kainuu Grey sheep and was picked from farms in the North of Karelia.
The story sounds magical, the texture looks lovely and Paivi Eerola, the shop owner, adds:

Me and my friend want to keep the sheep breed alive by processing and selling this fine wool bred by the farmers from our childhood area.”
Even with my strict stashing rules I might be making an exemption for some of this amazing batts very soon…

Kainuu Grey Finnsheep roving, 100 g, 3.5 oz


Hand Dyed Kainuu Grey Finnsheep Wool, red and brown tones, carded batts, 110 g, 3.9 oz


Kainuu Grey Finnsheep wool yarn, 100 g, colorway Maribel

All pics © Woolgrey

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